Thursday, 26 August 2010


I'd need to be convinced to spend £35 on a so called non chip, 3 week lasting manicure! (yeah right I'm thinking).. but proved wrong thanks to superstar nail technician Sara at Profile Nails, Daws Lane, Mill Hill, I am still admiring my metallic grey hand of beautiful chip-free nails 3 weeks my opinion this GELISH manicure is defo the way an apt and see for yourself 0208 959 0512...and while you re there check out MINX nail art and add cute, quirky images to your nails like this nautical Anchor design below by Michelle.. keep on trend and mix it up every time..just make sure you re happy with your colour and design choice coz it ain't budging for a good 3 weeks! : )

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

80's Nostalgia

Recent talk of my childhood crazes has led me to blog about the charms of the 80's and how its made such a big influence on today's fashion with all things quirky & kitsch.. here are a few of my faves. : )

Saturday, 7 August 2010

COCO & IGOR.. simply stunning

If you ve seen Coco Before Chanel, I urge you to go see the follow on movie Coco & Igor..
7 years later this is the fascinating and complex tale of Coco Chanel & her secret love affair with Igor Stravinsky a Russian composer, set in the 1920's..Enjoy being swept up in the crazy yet intriguing life of one of the most talented and exceptionally unique designers of our time..
possibly not a must see movie for everyone, but for me, my admiration for this fashion legend and her tragic love story was perfect viewing for my Saturday night...that and a portion of chips n gravy! well when in Manchester.... ; )

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Inspiration is so important in our creative world...yes trends of the season will usually lead ideas for fashion stories but so can music, film and theatre...My latest offering was inspired by Sofia Coppola s haunting yet beautiful film, The Virgin Suicides..
on that note I bring you this stunning story shot by the incredibly talented Mofo...this is our interpretation of Summer Sisters...