Sunday, 28 March 2010

suck on my toes takes on a whole new meaning!

I took a stroll through Camden Market today which has been totally re-vamped for the better or maybe worse?
and in-between the numerous shops selling the expected - books/clothes and ethnic treasures by the plenty, there was none other than a stall selling Fish Pedicures... yes you read correctly.. this new fad from the far east is simply bazaar yet intriguing! fish gnaw away at your dead skin and give you a pleasurable massage at the same time! and its meant to work a treat!
I am afraid I never experienced this unique beauty treatment first hand, but next time I may just have to check out what all the fun is about. and of course I'll be blogging back with my thoughts : )

ps they are not my feet in the pic!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


With mixed reviews I decided to make up my own mind and head to the Everyman in Belsize Park with my fabulous fashion friend Sacha - owner and designer of trendy boutique Heaven and Earth (based inside 20/20 optical store on Tottenham Court Road) ...delighted by the little tea party set up in the foyer which uncannily had similarities to Sach's own shop display... we grabbed a Diet Coke and cute magic toadstool cupcake and headed into the dark...mod con sofa seats and 3D glasses at the ready...we relished at the prospect of the visual delights that Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland had to offer and we were happily not disappointed... costumes and crazy characters, Alice was all we had hoped for... go see it and decide for yourself but for a helping of creative charm this film defo delivers : )

Monday, 8 March 2010


With the release of EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP...I have added my pics taken at Banksy's CAN ART show from Summer 2008...Love it or hate it Street Art has defo changed the snooty perception of the art world being only for intellects and the upper class and I admire the artists and creative types that graffiti the streets in the name of art...
: )

PLAY TIME.... I-ON Magazine, Scotland.

Play Time Story shot for I-ON Magazine
Photographer, Catherine Harbour
Stylist, Abi Rogers
Hair and Make up, Enzo Volpe @ Models 1 Creative
Model, Vera @ Select

Model, Vera @ Select