Sunday, 12 September 2010


from left to right:- Dani's clay man with headphones, my Rabbit from wonderland, Gem's fruit basket 

Ask me Why I heart London! cause on a nothing-y Saturday night in September armed with a couple of best pals and lots of girli gossip, you can find yourself in a quaint little tea shop a stones throw from Kings Cross playing with clay & sipping cocktails with 80's sounds of Lionel and Madge playing in the background! random maybe but lots and lots of fun....
DRINK SHOP DO is the brain wave of 2 school friends who thought up a simple concept that really day a tea shop serving finger sandwiches, coke floats and homemade cakes and by night a mix of quirky crafty activities, music and alcohol.. genius i say!
check out their diary of events at whether is making clay models of Mr Richie, knitting by night or rock n roll chocolate making, you ll love hanging out at this retro paradise and if you want to include your man they make a mean amaretto sour or mojito if sherbet dib daps are all too civilised!
oh and I nearly forget there s a old school selection of board games too including my fave Connect 4....Happy days :))

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